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Play and Creative Arts Therapy

Play is a child's natural form of communication, and is how they process their experiences and emotions. They may be unlikely to use words to explain their emotions to the adults around them, and instead may show their feelings using their behaviour - this can lead to feelings of frustration, anger, anxiety or withdrawing from others.

Play and Creative Arts Therapy is child-led and aims to help children to reach their potential and improve mental well-being. It offers them an opportunity to 'play out' their challenging feelings and experiences in a safe space, with a qualified therapist.

I work directly with children using play and the creative arts to help them explore their feelings and experiences without the need for words in a non-judgmental therapeutic environment. This can help children to understand themselves better, and try out new strategies in the playroom before using them outside the sessions.

Child using sand tray in play therapy session

How does Play Therapy work?

As children engage in play, particularly using metaphor, they develop new neural pathways in the brain. In a Play Therapy setting, this helps to reduce anxiety, while learning new ways of self-care, and developing self-esteem.

Children will learn new ways of understanding, and to process difficult emotions, moving towards healing and making internal change.

Play Therapy sessions aim to help a child to develop healthy and resilient relationships, and to work though traumatic experiences which may be impacting their ability to manage their emotions or to learn at school. 

See this link for more detail about how Play Therapy works: 

Musical instruments

What happens in a Play Therapy session?

Sessions last for 40 minutes, and take place on a regular basis every week.

Children are offered a wide variety of items to use. 

The play therapy 'toolkit' includes:

Who can benefit from Play Therapy?

Play and Creative Arts Therapy can help children affected by a variety of challenging situations, including:

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